E-mail Marketing – CRM

seoThe CRM Department is part of the Communications Team, and its main goal is to keep players coming back to the sites.

The Team works with a detailed player funnel, which contains the various levels of players, and is used to send out promotional material accordingly. From the moment prospective players sign up to any of the sites, the CRM Team is responsible for prolonging their time on the sites, and guaranteeing that they come back in the event they start considering de-activating their account.

This includes:

  • Creating promotional emails and SMS messages based on the promotions presented on the sites
  • Testing these emails and SMS’s by sending them to a selected group of people
  • Analyzing and monitoring the effectiveness of these marketing channels and improving accordingly

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, the CRM Team works closely with the Brand Managers and the Communications Team as well other departments within the organization.


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